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If you’re interested in turning back the hands of time to achieve a more rested, youthful appearance, TempSure™ Envi offers powerful results. At WellCentric Health, Dr. Robert Watson helps men and women from the Reno, Nevada, area and beyond reach their aesthetic goals using this innovative treatment option. To learn more about TempSure Envi and how it can help tighten your skin and improve your appearance, schedule a consultation online or by calling the office.

TempSure Q & A

What is TempSure™ Envi?

TempSure Envi uses radiofrequency waves and heat to tighten your skin. It’s quickly becoming the procedure of choice for men and women looking to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and achieve a more youthful appearance.

The technology behind the TempSure Envi system uses a 300-watt generator and 4 megahertz of radiofrequency to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production. The treatment platform provides real-time temperature monitoring that gives the practice the information needed to deliver a safe yet effective session.


How does TempSure Envi work to tighten skin?

A layer of collagen lies just below the surface of your skin, shaping your face and rounding your features. As you age, your body loses a portion of that collagen. That, combined with the effects of sun exposure and environmental toxins, causes your skin to sag.

Sagging skin gathers into fine lines and wrinkles and can change the contours of your face. TempSure Envi creates just enough heat to cause microscopic injuries to your facial tissue. Your body responds by producing collagen, which plumps your face and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.


Can TempSure treat other areas besides my face?

The TempSure system offers numerous handpieces that allow the practice to treat additional areas of your body. Not only can TempSure Envi tighten your facial skin, but it can also be used to treat:

  • Cellulite
  • Milia (small, bump-like cysts)
  • Telangiectasia (spider veins)

The TempSure platform was designed to grow as technology improves, and is expected to support future treatment options in addition to the ones mentioned here.



*Individual results may vary.