What Can I Expect from My First Body Composition Analysis?

Body Composition Analysis

The human body is a finely tuned machine that thrives on balance, and when all of its needs are met, you’re rewarded with fantastic health and optimal performance. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t striking this critical balance, often tipping the scales into obesity or depriving our bodies of the nutrients it needs to function well.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply optimize your health, a body composition analysis is your best starting point for healthier living. Here at WellCentric Health & Aesthetics, Dr. Robert Watson and our team offer this first step to our clients in Reno, Nevada, helping them take charge of their health.

If you’d like to explore how a body composition analysis can help you, here’s a look at what you can expect.

Your scale only tells part of the story

All too often, people rely on their scales to guide them in their health decisions, but your scale only tells part of the story. This also applies to the body mass index, a number that’s based on your height and weight in order to estimate whether your body composition is appropriate. While both of these numbers paint a broad picture, which can be helpful, they fall very short in providing you with what you need to know about the composition of your body.

Going deeper

To start, a simple number doesn’t account for you as an individual. Everyone has different circumstances that dictate the composition of their bodies to a great degree, and they go far beyond the dinner table. For example, genetics, bone structure, pre-existing health conditions, and even race can play a large role in how your body is made up, and we take all of this into consideration when we analyze your body composition.

With our body composition analysis, we measure far more than your fat. Through extensive testing, we determine your:

These components paint a clearer picture of the composition of your body, allowing us to identify problem areas so that we can take action.

Muscle versus fat

With our body composition analysis, we can differentiate between your muscle mass and your fat, which is an important distinction when it comes to your overall health. Obviously, your goal is to have more muscle and less fat, but there’s a balance that’s right for your specific situation, and the fact is, you need some of both.

So instead of reading that number on the scale and then starving yourself until it comes down, we can set you up on a healthier path that allows you to increase your muscle mass, while also providing your body with the fuel it needs.

Vitamins and minerals

One of the more helpful evaluations we make during your body composition analysis is to determine whether your body is deficient in any minerals. Here again, extreme diets that may make a difference in your weight often do so at the cost of your overall health and wellness. By assessing your body’s needs, we can counsel you on a nutrition and supplement program that provides your body with everything it needs, including vitamins and minerals, for optimal health.

Establishing a baseline for future health

One of the most important benefits of a body composition analysis is that we create a baseline of your health that serves as a jumping-off point moving forward. As you set out on the path to better health, we monitor you closely and perform subsequent analyses to see whether your goals are being met. This allows us to make the necessary tweaks along the way that help your body find the critical balance it needs for healthy living.

To get started on your road to better health, please give us a call to set up your body composition analysis. Or you can use the booking tool on this website to make your appointment.

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