How Vitamin Injections Can Help You Lose Weight!

Here at WellCentric Health & Aesthetics, Dr. Watson takes a holistic approach to weight loss. He uses multiple strategies, including body composition analysis, dietary shifts, personal counseling, and lifestyle support to ensure your weight-loss success. As part of a comprehensive program, he often provides vitamin injections to complement these other steps.

Stress and nutritional deficiencies can make weight loss extra challenging. You may think dropping those extra pounds is just about willpower and discipline, but much more is involved. Losing weight involves a complex metabolic process that can be hampered by inadequate vitamin intake or poor absorption. You can also suffer nutrient deficiencies due to extreme dieting tactics in the past or chronic poor dietary habits.

Why inject vitamins?

At WellCentric Health & Aesthetics, we customize vitamin injections as one component of your weight-loss plan. The injections can boost your results and ease existing health issues as your body adjusts to a healthier weight.

Your body absorbs liquid vitamins injected directly into your bloodstream much better as opposed to vitamins taken via oral supplements. Oral vitamins must pass through your digestive tract, where much of them remains unabsorbed – and in some cases, are completely unabsorbed.

When injected directly into your body, you benefit almost immediately from the vitamin infusion. Vitamin injections can ease stress, boost energy, and help with appetite control. All of these factors work to support your weight-loss efforts.


B12 injections

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that plays important roles in your production of red blood cells and in the functioning of your metabolism. Your body can’t manufacture vitamin B12 on its own, so you need to get it through food or supplements.

When you’re low on B12, your energy levels are lacking, and it’s hard to lose unwanted pounds. Regular injections of vitamin B12 boost your metabolism, kickstart your energy levels, and help you shed unwanted pounds. Because getting enough vitamin B12 from food is difficult, and certain medications -- including the diabetes medication Metformin -- can make it hard for your body to absorb the vitamin, supplemental injections may be recommended to help your weight-loss process.


Vitamin B and lipotropic injections

B vitamins include vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6, and B12. These vitamins can be added in with lipotropics and lidocaine to create an effective vitamin injection for weight loss.

Vitamin B and lipotropic injections help you lose weight by burning excess fat. The injections also help assure you don’t become nutrient deficient while you’re shedding fat.

Lipotropics that may be included in these injections include inositol and methionine, to boost fat loss and choline, to healthfully distribute cholesterol. When lipotropics are used together with the B vitamins, you experience an intensified weight-loss effect.


Our team at WellCentric Health & Aesthetics wants you to succeed in your weight loss journey. To start the process of losing weight with a customized health plan, call our office in Reno, Nevada, or click the button to use the online scheduler.


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